School Board

For board meeting minutes from prior school years please email:

NOTE- AOM is Annual Organizational Meeting

Board Notices

Public Meeting notice 12-11-2018 Meeting Cancelled

Special Meeting notice 12-08-2018

Public Meeting notice 7-12-2018

Board Approved/Proposed Minutes 2018-19

May 2019 Special Approved Minutes

4-23-2019 Special Approved Minutes

4-02-2019 Special Approved Minutes

3-24- 2019 Special Approved Minutes

3-12-2019 Special Approved Minutes

February 2019 Revised Special Approved  Minutes

February 2019 Special Approved Minutes

January 2019-No meeting

December 2018-No meeting

November 2018 Approved Minutes

October 2018 Approved Minutes

September 2018 Approved Minutes

August 2018 Approved Minutes

July 2018 Approved Minutes

June 2018 Approved Minutes

Board Approved/Proposed Minutes 2017-18

May 2018 Approved Minutes

April 2018 Approved Special Meeting Minutes

March 2018 Proposed Meeting Minutes

February 2018 -No Meeting

January 2018- No Meeting

December 2017 Approved Minutes

November 2017 – No Meeting

October Proposed Minutes

September 2017 Approved Minutes

August 2017-Canceled No Quroum

July 2017 Special AOM Meeting Minutes

June 2017 AOM Approved/Signed Special Meeting Minutes

Board Approved Agendas 2018-19

April 2019 Special Agenda

March 2019 Special Revised Agenda

March 2019 Agenda

February 2019 Agenda

January 2019-No meeting

December 2018-No meeting

November 2018 Agenda

October 2018 Agenda

September 2018 Special Meeting Approved Agenda

August 2018 Approved Agenda

July 2018 Approved Agenda

June 2018 Approved Agenda AOM

Board Approved Agendas 2017-18

May 2018 Approved Board Agenda

April 2018 Approved Special Board Agenda

March 2018 Approved Board Agenda

February 2018- Canceled No Quroum

January 2018- Canceled No Quroum

December 2017 Approved Board Agenda

November 2017Canceled No Quroum

October 2017 Approved Board Agenda

September 2017 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

August 2017-Canceled No Quroum

July 2017 Regular Annual OrganizationL Meeting Board Agenda

June 2017 Special Board Meeting Agenda

Board Calendar

The GEE White Academy Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at White Academy, unless otherwise noted. Students and members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

2018-19 Board Revised Meeting Calendar

Board Members

2018-19 Revised Board Members

Board Policies

Board Policies 

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